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If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Arkansas, you might be looking to get a copy of the report for your own records, to provide to your insurance agent, or for legal purposes. Luckily, Arkansas makes it simple to obtain an accident report through their online ordering system. The Arkansas State Police maintains all crash reports for the state of Arkansas. So regardless of where in Arkansas your accident occurred, you should be able to easily find it within the state's database.

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The "Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report (SR-1)"

An Arkansas accident or crash report is officially titled as " Arkansas Motor Vehicle Accident Report (SR-1) ". It is used by law enforcement officers in Arkansas to report traffic crashes to the Department of Public Safety. The details in the report are recorded by the officer who attended the scene of the accident.

Find My Report For Me

How do I find my Arkansas Accident Report?

If you need to obtain a copy of an Arkansas Crash Report, you can order one online through the Arkansas Department of Public Safety website which you can use to search for your report here. There is a $10 service fee for each report requested using the online service. All accident reports will be delivered electronically and are usually available for purchase 10 business days after the crash.

The search form will ask you to provide at least one of the following to do the search:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Date of birth
  • Driver license number
  • Crash report number
  • Date of crash

Accident reports that involve juvenile occupants are handled differently and may not be found in the online database. If you're looking for crash reports involving juvenile occupants, you can contact the Arkansas State Police Crash Records Section at (501) 618-8129 to request a copy of the accident report.

Once you have searched and requested a report, you can check order status of your report here using your order ID which can be found on your receipt.

Request Arkansas accident report by mail

Don’t want to do an online request? Requests for copies of crash reports in Arkansas can also be done by mail. In order for the clerks to retrieve your crash report, you must include the following information:

  • Date of crash
  • Highway number
  • County where crash occured
  • Name of at least one driver

These requests can be mailed to:

Arkansas State Police
Attn: Crash Records Section
One State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209

Request Arkansas accident report in person

Prefer to make your request in person? You can do this by visiting the Arkansas State Police Department or the city’s local police department where the accident took place. You will be able to fill out a request for an accident report and submit it.

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Looking for a specific Arkansas county or city?

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