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Being involved in a car accident is scary, but after the initial shock is over you often find yourself dealing with legal or insurance issues. Usually, this means you will need a copy of your accident report. An accident report, or crash report, provides important details about a collision, such as the date and time of the crash, the location at which the crash took place, environmental factors, and more. It helps others to understand the circumstances around the accident and who was involved.

In the event that you found yourself in an accident and need your accident report in Montana, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about how to get a copy of your crash report in this article.

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How do I find my accident report in Montana?

Crash reports are only available via mail and do have associated fees. This website details everything you need to know, but we will outline exactly how to request your report below.

Keep in mind that in Montana, most records with the Montana Highway Patrol are considered confidential. This means that you need to be an entitled party to order a crash report. This includes:

  • Persons/businesses/entities included in a crash report
  • A person suffering loss/injury from the accident
  • An agent of someone involved such as an attorney or insurer
  • Parent/legal guardian (of a minor) involved in the accident
  • Public law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity
  • Local, state, or federal agencies acting in an official capacity
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Request a Montana Collision Report Through Mail

To request your crash report in Montana, fill out the Montana Crash Release Form. The Montana Highway Patrol requests that you supply as much information as possible when completing your request. It is also noted that crash reports typically become available 10-14 days after the incident if a law enforcement officer reported to the scene and made a report.

The fees for reports are as following:

Crash Report $2.00
Photos $10.00
Video $25.00

Accepted payment methods are cash, check, or money order. No online requests or payment methods are accepted. All requests must be sent in via mail along with the appropriate documentation and fees.

Send your Crash Release Form form along with appropriate payment to:

Montana Highway Patrol
2550 Prospect Avenue
Helena MT 59620

If you have questions about filling out this form, how much your fee is, or the payment process, you can call 406-444-3278.

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